Welcome to DevineHQ

Welcome to DevineHQ

For the music addicts and hard bass junkies

DevineHQ Brings you the best from the best if it counts for music or podcasts. With our database, we have already over 500H + of listening time presented and lots of more are coming up every week! Don’t miss any new released podcast or album today by signing up!

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For the trusted gamers and loyal vloggers

From the newest, till the oldest games. What we play is what we share. Check out new daily content from our crew and dont forget to see if we have another upcoming giveaway! Collecting HQ tokens and get even rewarded!

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For the promotions and earnings

Selling event tickets, album releases or game content is 100% yours. We just provide the support for your payments by adding your payment links to the released content for boosting your sales. There are even options for your own

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Even with reviews and the power of the community

With our reviews from games and gadgets till the power of the community in our forums. Feel free to walk by and say hello, while you getting rewarded by just surfing and being active on the website. Invite your friends and join awesome giveaways, talking with us in the forums and joining tournaments or in game activities.

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Info And Contact

If you have any kind of question, please check the FAQ first! After that, you can send us an email if you have a question that’s not listed or still having questions after it.

Email department sections.

  • Game information => [email protected]
  • Web developer => [email protected]
  • Sound cloud Share Team => [email protected]
  • Podcast releases => [email protected]



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