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DevineHQ brings you the best gaming experience you need!

  • Youtube Streaming
  • Youtube Videos
  • Amazing Gaming content with our skybox system.
  • Twitch LiveStreams
  • Facebook Livestreams every single weekend!
  • Beam.pro Livestreams
  • Trusted Game Reviews from G2A.com and our crew!
  • Trusted game information by news.g2a.com
  • Giveaways Every month!

DevineHQ brings you the best music experience you need!

  • Podcast Database
  • Artist Database
  • Album Releases
  • Event information ( EU support for now )
  • Trusted ticket sales
  • Responsive player ( mobile proof ).
  • Every week new podcasts!
  • The Monthly showoff show ( Deejays can send in there content for the top 30 )
  • Mobile proof

And to finish it off with a bang!:

  • Podcast promotions
  • Artist promotions
  • Single promotions
  • Twitch promotions
  • Youtube promotions
  • Gadget reviews.
  • Random In Game giveaways!
  • Game Tools 
  • Free Downloads

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