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Check the FAQ first! Who knows your question might already been answered.

Regulair questions

Does making an tournament cost me money?

No. When you made an account on the website, you can use the tournament section as long you keeping yourself in the tournament rules.

I have found an deadlink

Please provide us the needed information in the contact list. We will take care of it.

Can i make more then one account?

No. Only max 1 account each IP adress is allowed.

I'm not 18 years old. What now?

Don’t worry, you can still make an free account if you are 16 years old and permission from parents.

Someone abused/botted a tournament

Each match can be flagged if you are 100% sure that someone cheated during the game session. Please provide us the following information.

  1. An youtube video where you can show the hacker
  2. Any screenshots
  3. Any conversations
  4. Social media and link to his profile on devineHQ.

If your claim is right, the tournament will be deleted and creator gets warned.

HQ tokens

Help! I have lost some Tokens

If you delete a post you created, an ended friendship or deleted an topic on the forum could be one of the options that caused your loss. It can also be that you have been lowered in rank, bought something or you was busy against the rules.
If you are sure that you didn’t do anything wrong, you can send us the reason and the amount of missing tokens.

Can i buy HQ tokens?

Yes, you can do this trough an MasterCard or trough an pay-pal account.

HQ tokens abuse

Someone is abusing the credit system? provide us with the information. if you found an abuser and the information is correct, you will be rewarded.

I want my money back!

Please make sure you check out terms and agreement for this. As you made an account on the website, you accepted these terms.

Promotions with HQ tokens

I would like to add my video to the HQ token reward list.

That’s an option. As you can find in our reward store, at the promotion page section. For company’s or verified channel, please send us an email.

Can i add the reward for myself?

No. We will add your video or link to the list.

Can i promote my music here?

For now we dont support music promotions anymore, as we dont have an music section anymore.

Can i promote my Twitch here?

Yes, as we are always looking for live streamers, you can promote your twitch stream at devine. Check the promotion page section of our reward store.

Donations & steamcards

Steam player cards

We are always looking for trading cards, items, backgrounds, icons and so on. We will reward you with an amount of tokens that’s worth the items on the steam marketplace. Contact us with your steam account so we can add you on steam.

Game keys

As a developer: We would love to review your upcoming games as we already did with many others.

As a Gamer: If you have some spare keys left, we would love to use them for giveaway purposes or for reviewing the content.


As a developer: As we did for Game forge and fluffy fairy games for example, promoting your content is more then just playing games. We love to give some games or gift-cards to our members of the community.

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