Before you send

You must have readed the FAQ first. If your question is not shown, then you can send us an email. With sending videos or uploads, several hosting links are allowed and some of them are forbidden.

Allowed websites

  1. Imgur
  2. Youtube
  3. Soundcloud
  4. Mixcloud
  5. Twitch
  7. Steam
  9. mediafire
  10. UGX mods


Website’s that are not included and wont be watched.

  1. zippyshare
  2. dropbox
  3. any other website that’s not listed.

Send us an donation

With sending a donation ( such as gamekeys, online gift cards by post or package or promotional gadgets such as posters and stickers to been given away ) You will help devine HQ with keeping creating events and in game giveaways

Gear reviews

Even new gear, such as headphones, keyboards or gadgets that we need to review or anything that’s related to games and music is always welcome. After reviewing it, we give this item away in a giveaway. Even CD albums or USB drivers from deejays.

Visiting this location is not possible. We only do online support.

Sending us an package or post

  • Willem molengraaffstraat 5A
  • 5042MZ Tilburg netherlands.
  • T.A.V DevineHQ

Contact us!

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