Most common questions

Can I customize my page with avatar and cover?

Yes you can. Just go to your profile and look for the profile button. After that, you will see change profile picture and cover image.

Known issue: If you get an error, Let us know trough our ticket support. Sometimes when you logged in with an social media account, the avatar that he wants to fetch from your profile is too big.


Can i place my own video's on the website?

No, we dont allow random uploads in the post sections. We would love to expand our database, so if you have some great gameplay to share, let us know!

Can I use data of devinehq?

No, There is no way you are allowed to copy or reupload anything from this website. Several items could be copyrighted and we only use it as promotional purposes.

What is the max file size?


How do I add a friend?

Adding a friend is simple. Just go to the profile of the person you want to add as your friend. Next to the avatar, it will say ‘send friends request.’

Are there any costs using this website?

At this moment we dont charge for just being a member. I really would not see the point for asking money to make an account.

V.I.P Members as a subscription will come these days, But the website itself will always be free.

How do I add videos?

You cannot add videos.

One of your listed downloads broke my game! i want a refund!

Downloading mods or games on our website are not hosted by us. Use them at your own risk and if you dont trust a download or game, Please let us know so we can check it out.

I won a gamekey, but i dont like the game. Can i have a refund?

No. All items and digital contents that’s been won on devinehq cannot be refunded or wont be changed for any kind of repay.

Can I use the videos of one of your teammembers?

For using our video’s, please let us know by sending us a ticket.

Most common game questions

Awesome twitch list! can i add my channel to it?

No. We dont add twitch channels in the list if we dont know what kind of games you play and how you react while livestreaming. There are several rules for that that’s been needed to be followed up. Not like we have you on a leach, or demanding things. We just dont need people that’s screaming or making bad jokes… basicly  the regular things.

Can i have a free key?


Awesome gameplay, could i join a game session once?

Yes of course you can! We announce in the forums when we are going to startup with some awesome gaming time. Think of hide and seek or going all the way back to the oldschool gaming. Who knows with game we could do next time but one thing is for sure, it will be fun for sure!

Most common music questions

Can you share the music i placed on the forum?

No. For sharing any kind of music must be requested. We just dont share in the wild wild west cowboy.

Woa, that mixtape is epic! Can i get a copy?

No. We dont share the files, and we dont even have them at all. Every single song that’s from mixcloud and soundcloud is from the original owners.

I want to be your partner in music section. What are the requirements?

The requirements are the following up.

For a lone wolf without a brand or records contract

  • At Least a 1000 followers are needed for applying for this service.
  • A premium soundcloud account is a must have.
  • The music must be mixed for at least 30 min and contains at least 8 songs mixed into it
  • The single release must be longer than 2 min.

For records or brands such as spinnin records or WWM for example, please send us a ticket and provide us with the following up information.

  • Soundcloud account(s) ( its for the likes of our pages ofc and knowing where we need to go next time for several sharing )
  • Youtube account ( not necessary )
  • CoC ( every single record or brand has this. If not, don’t try it )

Can you place my single release on the main page?

We have these spots only available for premium members.

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