Fun Facts:

  • Harem Ecchi is my favorite Anime Genre
  • I do not believe in Closed-Source software.

Under super awesome construction!

Hey Guys, what is up!

My name is Aroop Roelofs, a.k.a FinlayDaG33k.
I am 17 years old, and I live in The Netherlands.
I’m born in India, with my blood being half Russian and half Indian. (Odd combination I know).
I’m adopted by two dutch parents in The Netherlands, and I got one older brother. (Who is adopted as well).

Here on DevineHQ, I have 3 tasks up my sleeve.

I am:

  • The Techie
    • Whenever Radboud breaks on the site, I’m pretty much the first who will be on it.
      Also, when something big is about to happen (one that can be a big upgrade to gaming as we know it), I’m on it as well!
  • A Content Creator
    • Yes, I also make content for DevineHQ.
      This mainly consists of Gaming Videos, but sometimes, I also make a mix, or make a whole new track. (but this is very occasionally)
      When Gaming, it’s mainly League of Legends, Stepmania or Overwaifus.
  • The Radboud-tamer
    • Radboud loves to just go balls to the walls whenever he makes a change.
      However, I’m trying to keep him a bit in check.
      First get the first thing done, then the other thing.

However, I also have my own life and own Bloggo, so Please don’t expect me to work 24/7 on DevineHQ 🙂
You can scroll down a bit to learn more about me, or to visit my Facebook/Youtube.

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