Free promotions

Free promotions

Free promotions? With devineHQ here is this the place to be. We love to share your created content with the rest of the world and with our fans and members. never pay for fake subs or likes, because devineHQ is one big happy family with trusted members.

We share several contents from music and videos. Think of gaming or wicked music that we will post on our website. No reuploads, downloads or copyright infringements, all the rights stays with you.

The requirements


We share YouTube videos and massive party clips. We place them as an i frame on our website.

  • Video must be at least 10 min ( for music at least 30 min )
  • You must be registered on our website
  • You must have at least 250 subs.

Costs? FREE

The music section is taken offline. We have other plans upcoming!

SC and MC

Yes, we share soundcloud and mix cloud podcasts as well. Even single releases that will be placed on our single releases page.

  1. The podcast must be atleast 30 min. For single releases is there no limit.
  2. The music needs to be fitting into devineHQ, so any hip hop music for example wont be accepted.
  3. You mus have at least 250 subs on your SC or MC page.

Costs? FREE

Twitch and

Yes, we share Twitch channels and channels as well. This will be placed on our website as an i frame.

  1. You must have at least 250 subs
  2. No illegal contents
  3. Following the agree and terms of twitch and

Costs? FREE

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