NEW: how did they do it?

Posted By: CpT retarted On:

New coming to devineHQ. How did they do it? A brand new page where youtubers sharing there videos to let everyone know about how to end a game or doing a quest. Everything is possible to find. With the new page, we got you covered already with one of the new brand black ops 3 mod tools tutorials from ICE. Make sure you check them out and dont forget to subscribe to his channel.

in other news. the second episode of the legend of zelda twlight princess is a bit delayed. We will upload it, but there are some sections with a small loss of FPS. If this problem keeps going on, we are forced to discontinue until a proper version is found and replayed. So i wont make the mistake again just like the older uploads. ( with will be replayed on this new pc tho, just because i like them )

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