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About DevineHQ.

DevineHQ was founded in 2015 under the name of ZMG ( Zartoxia media group ). From a tiny idea to a whole website in just 2 year. Due the name change in 2016 when we changed the name to DevineHQ, we found our way once again in the digital world of gaming and music. Promoting music content and gaming content was our priority in the first place and we loved it day in and day out. but when i had the confirmation that i would lever be able to work due my autism and 100% rejected, i started to think what i could do to show other people that we can reach our goal and what we like to do as long we getting that one tiny extra push.

Sadly, most people that are rejected for work or just sitting at home and doing nothing while they want to work. Those people should get a chance, just like any other person. That’s why i’m keeping on going with devine, together with my crew mates as we fight for that bloody Bravo flag in Domination.

DevineHQ doenst only share content from famous You Tubers, company’s and developers. Even fresh new players in the battlefield or upcoming games are welcome as well. Everyone deserves a chance in the online worlds of music and games to express themselves and enjoying the creations and art of the icons of the music and gaming industrial.

Any plans for the future?

Yes, as we would love to see is getting my crew members getting paid for there troubles and work in the website. We are aiming for an CoC direction in gaming and music entertainment to help other people for an second chance in the biggest world.. the world wide web, to be experienced and growing to work on a later date on their own.

For now, we do everything behind the desk at our own houses where we live and we have limited resources to start with. But, with partnerships and sponsors worldwide every dream can come true. Without them, there wont be a Devinehq or an whole community.

Our plans is to expend, grow and giving more content each day. We can do this with your help as well.

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