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Archeage 4.5 BIGGEST FAIL! Community outraged!

As the latest patches may conclude that the price packs of archeage way be tweaked with an outraged amount of items needed , is the community done with the bullshit of XLgames. Faction chat is outraged as in the past few ours many people already announced that they are done with the game.

”Archeage is dead” says melfirance. ”XLgames only thinks about the money and not about the players who actually playing the game” as well for spin what says that Trion doenst do anything.

Last time, Archeage was already under heavy fire after they banned and redo the whole trading system. its a shame that a good game dies and with the 4.5 update, it will be a stab in its heart of the game. Also, a new fresh start server was not the insights the community had in mind. Paying 100 euro for just a server spot where the whole game will be replayed from day one. A fresh start server. Its more useless then it should be.

People suggested a hardcore server, where people would be need to be aware of the enemy that’s lurking around the corner. everywhere PVP and limitations on the use of pots, boosts, pets, buildings and so on. The idea got put in the freezer and wont come out anymore. The user who had the idea got banned due ”reopening a topic”

After the whole mess with the massive DNS and DDOS attack on the servers, the game even came unplayable for a short time period. That killed over 3.000 players that quitted the game after the massive attack.

Will trion go on the table and cancel this 4.5 update or parts of it? we dont know. We wont know as they also dont want to answer on our questions. Such a good quality company that loves its community as we speak of.

CpT retarted

A retarted with one dream. <3

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