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author image by CpT retarted | 0 Comments | December 6, 2016

BAAAAAD acer! My Computer doenst like recording while playing games as we found out by one of our members. He found out that several records of mine where laggy or sometime freezing. When i went digging the cause of this problem, i quickly found out that i didn’t know what the problem could be. After our web admin checked it out, it seemed the CPU is like trowing poop on a window.

So, i cannot give you game content. That’s such a shame for me, but what i can handle, will be done of course. But no fast games or games with an massive amount of CPU useage. Its a bummer, because i really would like to present you the game content i like, but also the newest games, modded games and even more and more creations of my own mods. I need to find a way to find some sponsors or from my own pocket a new system, or at least a self builded one.

In other news, Devine HQ is creating several new awesome ways to get free ingame contents, games and more. We cannot provide you with much detail, but we hope you have some good time spended on steam! We have released several new podcasts, and because of the last month we will release a special yearmix as always.

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