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  • New upcoming tournament! Say tuned for more!
  • Grab your daily HQ tokens!
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Donating can be done in many ways, if your way isn’t shown, please contact our ticket support.

Call in that airstrike soldier, But before that..

Why not helping devine HQ a hand? your Care Package keep our service online up and running. And, you know what’s even funny? Most ways are even free and it grants you a bit for yourself as well.

DevineHQ is connected with several partners that’s providing a safe way for collecting free steam games or gift cards. Such as playing games or just by pressing one silly button. It provides for us the taste of coffee in the morning before we go online creating your content.

There is with us also another way for donating to our website. Think of several ingame donations, or steam items.

What do we with the donations?

With these donations, we can support our fans by presenting and creating awesome events and giveaways. Without donations, we could not stand a chance against other big companies. But thanks to our team and our fans that already donated, we already could be giving away several awesome gifts!

These donation just takes some seconds and it helps us a lot!


Collecting together with devineHQ and reward even yourself.


Dutch: spaar mee en verdien zelf ook! Makkelijk voor gratis games!



Donate trough paypal

Any amount is possible trough this donation button. This will bring you to the paypal website where u continue. After success you will be returned to devine.

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Steam gifts

Donate Game keys and game gifts

Gifted games and keys are always welcome. Even the indie games. We love to make reviews and giveaways.

  1. Send us an ticket trough the contact section.
  2. We send you an email back with request for an appointment to do the transfer
  3. Adding the contactor on steam and trade.
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